Common Course (Subhashitam)
Subhashitas Sanskrit Code : COCWSKT04

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Course Name Common Course (Subhashitam)
Course Subject Subhashitas
Course Code COCWSKT04
Course Coordinator Dr Vinitha E
Course Category Sanskrit

About Course

This Course designed for the first semester of BA/BSc Common Course students who take their additional language as Sanskrit. In this course, we are providing a detailed explanation of charecteristics of Subhashitas and Major authors and essential Reading of Bhartrhari's Neetisataka - Selected 20 Verses which are in their Syllabus. Detailed notes in Sanskrit, English, and Malayalam languages are here. Model Questions for this Course are also providing for students


Knowledge in literature.


*  To attain the ability to appreciate classical literature.


*  Subhashitas help to manage life-situations and stick on to moral-values

Course Syllabus

Lecture Notes

Lecture Videos

Subhashitam Sloka 2

Sloka 2

Subhashitam Sloka 3

Sloka 3

Subhashitam Sloka 4

Sloka 4

Subhashitam Sloka 5

Sloka 5

Subhashitam Sloka 6

Sloka 6

Subhashitam Sloka 7

Sloka 7

Subhashitam Sloka 8

Sloka 8

Subhashitam Sloka 9

Sloka 9

Subhashitam Sloka 10

Sloka 10

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