Polarography Chemistry Code : CHEOCW2

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Course Name Electrochemistry-Polarography
Course Subject Polarography
Course Code CHEOCW2
Course Coordinator Dr. Robinson P Ponminiessary
Course Category Chemistry

About Course

The course consists of five video lectures, with handouts and practice problems. For Postgraduate students in Chemistry. Important topic of Electrochemistry


Elementary ideas on electrochemistry


History of polarography, Principles of polarography, Dropping Mercury electrode, Ilkovic equation and Polarographic wave equation

Course Syllabus

Lecture Notes

History, Principle and Introduction on Polarography, with advantages and disadvantages

Derivation of ilkovic equation

Derivation of wave equation of Polarography

Lecture Videos

History of Polarography

History of Polarography | Dropping Mercury Electrode, Heyrovsky, Kucera, Ilkovic

Derivation of Ilkovic equation from first principles

Polarographic wave equation, Dropping Mercury Electrode, Ilkovic, Cottrell, Ficks

Polarographic wave equation

Polarographic wave equation, Dropping Mercury Electrode, Jaraslov Heyrovsky, Derivation of polarograhic wave equation

Practice Quiz

a) Resistance overpotential

b) Concentration overpotential

c) Activation overpotential

d) none of these

a) William Ramsay

b) Nernst

c) Jaroslav Heyrovsky

d) C F Varley and Gabriel Lippmann

a) Ilkovic equation

b) Cottrell equation

c) Polarographic wave equation

d) Nernst equation

a) Ilkovic

b) Heyrovsky

c) Lippmann

d) Nernst

a) 1/2

b) 2/3

c) 1/6

d) 1/3

a) E(1/2) is concentration dependent

b) DME is a macro electrode

c) limiting current is equal to diffusion current

d) A large excess of supporting electrolyte eliminates migration current

a) A only

b) B only

c) A & B

d) B & C

a) 0.05

b) 0.1

c) 0.025

d) 0.03