Reproductive Biology
Zoology Zoology Code : CCOCWZOO1

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Course Name Reproductive Biology
Course Subject Zoology
Course Code CCOCWZOO1
Course Coordinator Dr. Bijoy C
Course Category Zoology

About Course

The branch of zoology which deals with various mechanisms dealing with reproduction in animals, especially human beings. Since we are living in a society with increased incidence of infertility, understanding the basic mechanisms of reproduction is critical for our reproductive health. The course has both basic science and clinical components. This course presents dual aspects of reproduction: infertility management and fertility control. Former includes reasons of infertility in man and women and laboratory aspects of various Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART). Later aspect includes natural methods, artificial methods, chemical methods, hormonal methods and surgical procedures. Along with these dual aspects, topics like various reproductive strategies in animal kingdom, reproductive system in human beings, gametogenesis, pregnancy, gestation, placentation, parturition, lactation, reproductive cycles and prenatal diagnosis will also be covered in this course.


Elementary ideas about reproduction in animals.


This course will enable the learner to understand the key concepts of reproductive strategies prevalent in various animal groups. It will help to understand the clinical components related to human reproduction like infertility management and fertility control. 


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